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Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling

Space is often at a premium in the average 160-square-foot bathroom. And, when it comes to bath remodeling in Florida, squeezing every ounce of functionality from that small space is crucial. Fear not! These design ideas from Adroit Property Solutions will help you make the most out of your existing bathroom.

Go Round

Tight spaces and sharp corners? There are better combinations. Opt for a rounded one instead of the usual square or rectangular vanity counters. It not only conserves space but also avoids those painful hip bumps. For smaller bathrooms, a pedestal sink is the right fit.

Embrace the Banjo-Style

If your countertop space is limited, consider extending it over the toilet. This little trick adds storage while keeping the bathroom looking neat.

Bigger Can Be Better

A large mirror can work wonders in a small bathroom. Besides reflecting light, it gives the illusion of more space. Whether you have a double sink or a single one, one expansive mirror could be the way to go. And, for tiles? Bigger patterns make the room feel more manageable.

Length Matters

Not a fan of large tiles? Vinyl planks, especially the ones mimicking wood or stone, can also help create a sense of space. They’re waterproof, budget-friendly, and super stylish.

Stick to One Color Palette

Opt for soft, neutral shades to prevent your bathroom from feeling claustrophobic. While white is always a winner, playing with different tones of the same color can spice things up. For fixtures, maintain consistency with a single metal finish.

Rethink Your Door

Switching the direction of your door swing can free up space. Even better? A pocket or sliding door!

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Opt for Glass

Switching out your shower curtain for a glass door can work wonders for the room’s spaciousness. Walk-in showers are also trendy and perfect for those with mobility concerns.

Think Recessed

While storage is essential, bulging cabinets can cramp up space. Going for recessed accessories, like towel holders or medicine cabinets, can make a difference.

Illuminate Smartly

Natural light is a boon. Maximize it if you have a window. The right light fixtures, complemented with dimmers, can also play a pivotal role in making the bathroom feel roomy.

Aim High

Draw the eye upwards with tricks like raising the shower curtain bar or using vertical elements. It’s a clever way to create an illusion of more space.

Play with Colors Below

Contrary to what you might think, a darker shade below waist level paired with lighter tones elsewhere can make the space pop. Sometimes, remodeling requires expert hands. Adroit Property Solutions is here to assist with anything from a quick tub update to a complete bathroom makeover. Dive into more bath remodeling ideas on our website and get in touch for a complimentary design consultation!

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