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Comparing Vinyl Planks and Laminate

Gorgeous hardwood floors have always captured our hearts with their timeless charm. However, their susceptibility to wear and tear, combined with the costly price tag, has led many people to seek alternative solutions. While laminate has long been a popular choice, vinyl plank flooring is now a worthy rival. 

As your trusted kitchen remodel contractor, Adroit Property Solutions is here to compare these two top flooring choices.

It looks Almost Like the Real Deal!

Modern advancements in flooring technology have been nothing short of impressive. Whether you’re after the aesthetics of genuine wood, stone, or another material, vinyl planks and laminate flooring now boast hyper-realistic designs thanks to the magic of 3D printing. You’re spoiled for choice with a myriad of colors and finishes available.

Which Can Handle a Splash?

Vinyl plank flooring shines (quite literally) in its waterproof properties. Why? It’s purely synthetic. Laminate has a robust plastic surface and a core comprised of wood byproducts. While water-resistant laminates are available, they can never claim full waterproof status. If water gets to that core? Trouble ensues. For those rooms where water exposure is possible (like bathrooms), vinyl planks may be the safer bet.

Durability Face-off

Both laminate and vinyl boast impressive durability but with nuanced differences:

  • Vinyl: Aces the expansion and contraction game, which is fantastic for high-traffic zones. Kids and pets? They don’t easily scratch vinyl. But beware of dragging heavy furniture—it can lead to unsightly rips.
  • Laminate: Strong and resistant, yet can accumulate scratches and chips over time. However, it trumps vinyl in resistance to fading.

Maintenance Mania

Vinyl floors welcome a steam mop or wet mop, and they are fine with specialized cleaners. Laminate, on the other hand, is a bit more particular. Avoid wet mops and opt for steam mops and laminate-friendly cleaning products. Got some wear and tear on your laminate? There are products to rejuvenate its shine and mend those scratches.

Which One’s Cozier?

Generally, you’ll find that laminate floors offer a warmer and more comfortable underfoot experience. They’re thicker and usually have a foam underlayment. Often laid directly over concrete subfloors, vinyl might feel colder and harder. But in the battle of noise, vinyl emerges as the quieter choice.

DIY-Friendly Score

Both these flooring options score high for DIY enthusiasts:

  • Vinyl: Features a convenient tongue-and-groove design that easily clicks together. When it’s trimming time, a utility knife will do.
  • Laminate: Requires either a hand saw or a circular saw. And remember to layer an underlayment over the subfloor. Still, with the tongue-and-groove design, installation remains relatively hassle-free.

Price Points

In terms of cost, there must be more to distinguish vinyl planks from laminate. You’re likely looking at a ballpark of $.50 to $3.00 per square foot for vinyl and $1.00 to $3.00 per square foot for laminate. Designer variants at specialty stores might have you shelling out a bit more.

Choosing between the two might seem daunting, given their similarities. Reflect on what factors weigh more for you and your Florida home. And if you ever need assistance, remember, Adroit Property Solutions is your trusted kitchen remodel contractor, ready to guide you!

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