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Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before Remodeling My Kitchen

Starting a kitchen remodel can be an intimidating task, and my first renovation project was quite challenging. The sheer number of factors and customization options to consider for a kitchen can be overwhelming, making it difficult to choose materials. Additionally, plumbing and layout issues can cause significant setbacks. However, having now worked on numerous kitchen projects over the years, I’ve gained valuable expertise and pro-tips that I’m excited to share with you to help you begin your project with confidence.

As an expert in kitchen renovation projects, I collaborated with my Adroit Property Solutions team to create a Q&A session that helped me gather my thoughts. In this article, I’ll be sharing all the valuable insights I’ve gained, starting with the things I wish I had known before embarking on a kitchen remodel. I hope these tips will help guide your project in the right direction, whether you’re simply changing the color of your cabinets or starting from scratch. Let’s get started and make informed decisions for your kitchen renovation!

Beginning a Kitchen Remodel Project: Ten Things I Wish I Knew

  • Ask Yourself Why You Want To Remodel Your Kitchen

Before making any purchases or starting the demolition, it’s essential to answer some critical questions with yourself and your contractor to determine your kitchen’s specific needs. The first step of any remodeling project should be identifying the “why” behind it and the desired outcomes. Do you require more space, new equipment, seating, or improved lighting? Creating a list of your remodeling objectives will help you stay on track and focused while making decisions. It’s easy to get sidetracked by extravagant tile patterns, costly appliances, and other distractions that can detract from your original goals.

  • When Beginning a Kitchen Remodel, What is The First Aspect You Should Consider?

When updating your kitchen, it’s crucial to consider every aspect of the renovation process. You can’t simply choose random items and hope everything will work out. I recommend starting by creating a comprehensive list of all the decisions that need to be made from start to finish. This list may include flooring, cabinets, countertops, backsplash, cabinet hardware, fixtures (such as faucets), sinks, appliances, lighting, wall and ceiling paint colors, and more. However, if you’re planning to modify your kitchen’s layout, that should be your starting point.

  • Which Material is Considered The Most Timeless or Classic For a Kitchen?

The easy answer would be subway tile, but the unexpected choice is marble. For the best of both worlds, consider using them in combination. If you’re looking for a safe and timeless kitchen design, don’t attempt to be overly innovative! A classic white subway tile and marble (or marble look-alike) countertops are ideal. Alternatively, you can incorporate some variety by pairing clean white quartz countertops with 3×6″ marble tile for the backsplash.

  • What Is The Most Significant Mistake People Make When Renovating Their Kitchen?

There are numerous mistakes I’ve witnessed, but one common one is getting too hung up on having a “white kitchen” simply because their previous kitchen was dark. While it’s essential to have a bright and airy kitchen, it’s still crucial to add texture (such as butcher block or reclaimed wood shelves), colors (like painting the island a bold hue), or alternative materials (there’s more to life than plain white countertops!). Another frequent blunder is installing pendant lights above the island that are too small, resulting in a cluttered and busy atmosphere. In my opinion, if the light isn’t larger than your head, it’s too tiny.

  • What Is A Material That May Appear To Be A Good Idea For The Kitchen But Actually Isn’t?

The worst material to use in a kitchen, despite appearing to be a good idea, is marble. Although I adore its appearance, natural stone is prone to stains and etching. Even though we received numerous warnings before installing honed marble countertops in our kitchen, we chose not to listen. We spent several years following our guests around with coasters until we discovered a UV coating solution that made our marble countertops as durable as quartz. If you intend to install marble countertops, it’s essential to be aware of the maintenance required. Alternatively, consider using porcelain or quartz, which have similar appearances.

  • Before Beginning A Kitchen Remodel, What Is One Permanent Modification That Individuals Should Be Aware Of That Cannot Be Reversed?

Moving plumbing in a kitchen is a permanent alteration that cannot be reversed. This is particularly challenging in homes built on a concrete slab. Assessing the underlying reasons for modifying the floor plan before moving any plumbing is crucial. Will the changes help you achieve the goals outlined in your original list? In both the before and after images, the kitchen layout underwent a significant transformation without necessitating any plumbing relocation.

  • What Is The Significance Of Considering Resale Value When Renovating A Kitchen?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home’, and I believe that is the truth. A well-designed kitchen is crucial for the resale value of your home, as it can make or break a sale. Investing in a good kitchen is necessary if you want to maximize your property’s value. The good news is that any money spent on your kitchen is a wise investment, as you’ll receive a return when you sell your home. People are willing to pay a premium for a beautiful and functional kitchen, so it’s essential to consider a few factors while designing your kitchen, such as appliances, tile, countertops, and cabinets.

When designing your kitchen, it’s crucial to consider two key factors: the current value of your property and its architectural style. Installing a $40,000 kitchen in a house worth $120,000 or a $3,200,000 property doesn’t make sense. Additionally, your kitchen should complement your home’s design aesthetic, particularly if you have a Spanish-style Tudor, for instance. If you aren’t renovating your bathrooms, it’s crucial to ensure they are part of the same design aesthetic as your kitchen to maintain cohesion and harmony within the home.

Understanding the preferences of most people is critical when designing a kitchen with an eye toward resale. If you show your favorite backsplash tile to five individuals, and four of them think it’s too bold, you’ll have to decide whether to take the risk or opt for a more approachable alternative to preserve your resale value. Keep in mind that you can always add a pop of color with fun kitchen towels, artwork, and accessories. Remember, tile is a permanent feature!

  • If You Had To Advise a Homeowner On One Task That Should Undoubtedly Be Entrusted To Professionals Instead Of Attempting On Their Own, What Would It Be?

Plumbing and electrical tasks are equally important and should be completed by licensed professionals. These tasks require permits, and it’s crucial to ensure they are done correctly. I don’t handle either of these tasks myself, and I’ve seen numerous projects where they were done incorrectly, putting the entire household in danger.

  • If Someone Could Only Make One Modification To Their Kitchen, Which One Would Have The Most Significant Impact?

The simplest approach to making a significant difference in your kitchen is to paint the cabinets. Refacing the cabinets is a close second, and it’s often less expensive than painting. A company replaces your old cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new ones, resulting in a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your kitchen.

  • What Is The Most Common Difficulty You’ve Encountered When Ordering Materials For a Kitchen Renovation?

One of the most prevalent issues I encounter is fitting appliances into cabinets during a kitchen renovation. While the appliances are among the last items to be installed, they must be selected first because the entire kitchen is built around them. Unfortunately, the factory measurements may be inaccurate or misleading, causing things not to fit correctly. It’s critical to double and triple-check and, if possible, have your appliances delivered before constructing your cabinets.

Here are a few additional tips:

  • Visit your local tile store and spend some time exploring their inventory.
  • You may use handles on drawers and cabinet doors, and knobs are not required.
  • Find images of kitchens that you adore and identify what appeals to you about them.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of lighting! Install can lights in the ceiling, pendant lights over your island, and under-cabinet lighting to ensure your countertops and backsplash are well-lit. Your kitchen is utilized frequently when it’s dark outside, but it shouldn’t be dark inside as well.

Adroit Property Solutions Kitchen Renovation Tips

  • Using handles on your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers can be fun! Knobs aren’t necessary in your kitchen if you prefer not to use them. 
  • Identify what you love about kitchens by collecting images and taking notes. Then, print those pictures, make remarks about your preferences and share them with your cabinet designer or contractor.
  • Lighting is critical! Install can lights in the ceiling, pendant lights over your island, and under-cabinet lighting to ensure that your countertops and backsplash are well-illuminated. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen when it’s dark outside, but you don’t want it to be dark inside as well.
  • Make friends with your local tile shop and take the time to browse their tile selection. You won’t regret it!

For more tips on renovating your kitchen or for your free estimate, click here to contact Adroit Property Solutions today! We take pride in our expert team and are ready to help make your renovation dreams come true. 

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